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I have been practicing yoga since 2009, and completed my initial 200-hour certification through Holy Yoga in 2016. More recently, I have continued to pursue specialized training such as HY Touch accreditation, which I received in January 2017, and advanced education in various aspects of Yoga Therapy. In March of 2018, I completed my instructor certification in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga.

Our founder, Yolanta Kovalko, and all of our instructors are here to help inspire both you and your practice. Since our styles are diverse, we encourage you to try several of our classes to find what works for you!

We're dedicated to teaching basic yoga for beginners as well as providing guidance & support for more advanced levels, and in various forms of practice such as Yin, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga in the traditional Indian methods.

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Our founder, Yolanta Kovalko, and all of our instructors are here to help inspire both you and your practice. Since our styles are diverse, we encourage you to try several of our classes to find what works for you!

Yolanta Kovalko
Owner and Instructor

We're a unique yoga studio dedicated to recovering what we believe to the essence of yoga: a traditional yoga philosophy and practice available to everyone.

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My interest in yoga began purely with the skeleto-muscular: I wanted to learn more about the basic concepts of restoring the body to proper alignment and conscientious engagement of muscle groups. As I grew into my own practice, however, I found myself continually astounded, even still to this day, by the seemingly endless number of health benefits yoga brings to our bodies through the yoking of breath, movement, and meditation! I am still especially passionate about deepening anatomical and physiological awareness (because, seriously, consider all of the complex, elaborate inner workings within every square inch of your body that have to do their job just right in order for you to even be reading these words this very instant: YOU ARE A MIRACLE!) ––and I love to emphasize this in my classes. What I found even more astounding, though, is the way yoga also became an instrumental part of my life as a spiritual discipline: a framework analogous to and through which I could explore my deepening faith. I came to embrace yoga as a practice which not only enabled me to better understand (and appreciate!) how the physical body was created to optimally function, but also to dig deeper into how and where I saw a Creator at work in my own individual being: stretching and strengthening me beyond just the physical, but intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, as well! 

Loving people well and cultivating authentic community are really at the core of my heart––  one of my greatest Joys is helping others discover and celebrate their own individual and extraordinarily marvelous design, whether on or off the mat. My desire is to bring together my interest in whole-body, whole-being wellness; my enthusiasm for learning and sharing knowledge; my passion for connecting with and caring for others; and my Love of Jesus. I am so, so grateful to be a part of the Ball Square Yoga family, and I view teaching as a deep honor and an opportunity to serve others in a unique and profound way: creating space where ALL are welcome and invited to experience holistic health and healing, and facilitating practices that enable us as individuals and as a community to come together and work past preconceived notions ––whether of ourselves, of our neighbors, of yoga, or of faith.

Yolanta's Bio

I discovered Yoga 15 years ago and immediately fell in love with it because of the pleasure and serenity I found in the practice. I began with a Hatha Yoga class, taught by Barbara Feldman.  She and I made a strong connection and we became good friends.  Barbara is the Director of Cambridge Zen Center and teaches Hatha Yoga at Boston University.  Practicing with Barbara helps me focus, relax, & recharge. 

I completed 200-hour Back Bay Yoga (now called Yoga Works) Teacher Training Program with Lynne Begier, Ryan Cunningham, and Renee LeBlanc .  This training focused on alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga that combines elements of Ashtanga and Lyengar, integrating the strength, heat, and physical challenges of Ashatanga with the careful anatomical alignment of Lyengar Yoga. I have been also certified in Five Element Yoga teaching at Kripalu in July, 2017.  I have been certified in the summer of 2018 at Kripalu to teach Adaptive/Chair yoga. I also teach Adaptive Yoga at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Tufts University.

I believe that Yoga is good for all bodies and ages.  When I teach my classes, I emphasize meditation and breath work.  I like to combine the more challenging poses with restorative poses.  I specialize in working with mature students who may need more time, attention and assistance with their practice. I strive to create safe, comfortable and relaxing environment for all my students.

 I have been teaching yoga for beginners for the last 3 years now, and the pleasure and fulfillment I receive from it is immeasurable.  I have taught Yoga for Real Estate Agents which was quite challenging since it is very hard to relax these professionals, and yoga for children at Brookline School, which was a less challenging, yet very rewarding, once I got a class of 25 second graders to relax and meditate.  I have been teaching yoga for beginners at the amazing location in Ball Square where I rent studio from Mary Flynn Murphy Dance Studio. As my practice grows, I am looking forward helping more people achieve wellness through yoga and meditation.

Off the mat, I work at Tufts University Community Health Department as a Department Administrator.  People find me to be a kind compassionate person who listens well. I am proud to be a mother, wife, grandmother, and a pet mommy.